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easy nicoise salad
again, not a traditional nicoise salad, but it's just something super quick and super easy i whipped up today for lunch. it seriously only took me 5 minutes.
· super easy
· serves 1

· about 10 green beans
· one handful butter lettuce leaves
· 1/4 red onion
· 5 cherry tomatoes
· 1 small tin of tuna (I used chilli tuna, in olive oil)
· 6-8 black olives

1. Bring a small saucepan of water to the boil. Top, tail and halve the beans, blanch them for 2 minutes then drain. They should still be crisp and tender.
2. Wash the lettuce leaves and put them into your serving bowl with the beans.
3. Slice the red onion really thinly, halve the cherry tomatoes and put them in with the lettuce.
4. Drain the tuna of most of the olive oil and add to the salad with the olive. Toss it all around and serve. mmmm.....
Tags: quick and easy, salads
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